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30 mars 2017


31 December 1853:

We have been into hiding, me and my brother, in this cave for 8 days. We shared the food which they had to us stayed, and we had more nothing.

2 January 1854:Résultat de recherche d'images pour "aborigene australien"

I haven't dared exit,the fright of this earth unknown me have terrified. It had done 3 days when we had not eaten.

8 January 1854:
I have mourned the death of Côme, my big brother. Dead after 5 days of suffering,of an unknown illness.


15 January 1854:
 The last night I have run during several hours, chased by the Indigenous with spears.


18 January 1854:
This days has been my last, I haven't had food more water more nothing, I have eaten my own leg. My life has ended, so long. I have been dead on a beach.


2 February 1854:

A boat me has seen.   And I have finisched my  diary.


31 Décembre 1853:

We are hidden in this cave for 8 days, me and my brother, and we shared the some food that we hav


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27 mars 2017

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman :

His biography:

This an actor Australian, was born in 12 October 1968, at Sydney in ARésultat de recherche d'images pour "hugh jackman"ustralia. He has make study of Journalism at University technology of Sydney.

His famous succes :

Hugh Jackman is particularly famous since his apparition in X-men in the part of Wolverine (Logan). His quarry the amiabl alsRésultat de recherche d'images pour "hugh jackman wolverine logan"o at part of Jean Valjean in the Miserable.

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21 mars 2017

The Golf

The Australian golf :

The Origine of golf :

The golf like we the know today is come into begin in Ecosse in 1754. Is grace at Royal & old Golf Club of Saint Andrexs (the a more old Golf  club at word). It known what this sport at origine diverse whose the play of mail. By the line he was import at Pays-Bas, where you the do under the name of "colf" ( XIIIème siècle.)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "golf in Australia"

The celebrity Golf  

Australienne :

The Australia at of nombrous celebrity in the world of golf, in 2007 the Australia has 20 player of golf who leave of beep 100 at order global, this who the place behind the U.S.A and in front of the Royaum Unis.

Stuart Appleby :

He is was born the 1er Mai 1971 and has win 12 professionnal tournament.

Ian Baker-Finch :

He is was born the 24 Octobre 1960 in the Queensland and has win 16 professionnal tournament.

Jason Day :

He is was born the  12 Novembre 1987and has win 14 professionnal tournament .

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Simon Baker

Simon Baker :

His Biography:

Simon Baker is a famous  australian actor . He is was born 1969, the 30 July, at Launceston (Tasmanie).

He is the Elizabeth Labberton's son, english teatcher at higt school, and of Barry Baker, mechanic. For her adolescence, he participle at of nomRésultat de recherche d'images pour "simon Baker"oerous competition sports at level national, in surf and in water-polo.



His more tall success :

He is done know wich her role of Thomas Summers in Hartley, heat at vivacious after for her role of Nick Fallin in the protector and one of Patrick Jane in the show TV Mentalist.

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20 mars 2017

The story Bridge

What is the Story Bridge ?


Wo find the Story Bridge ?

This Australian bridge pass the Brisbane river in the city of the same name to the Queensland, this state is located at the North-East of Australia.

The inauguration ?Résultat de recherche d'images pour "story Bridge"

Him conception started in 1935 with the famous John Bradfield. The goal of this project was reduce the urban trafic above the Brisbane river.

After a long work site of 5 years, the bridge was unveil 6 july 1940, for Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Gouverneur of Queensland.

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The Dolphin in Australia

The Dolphin in Australia :


Their composition :Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dauphins australie"

The dolphin own a taifin dorsale 2 taifin laterales, they were also fitted out a tail with a median notch .

The dolphin, contrary to at what it might think, they wasn't harmless, they possess a row of tooth extremely sharp and a jaw very powerful.


Their Géo localizations :

In Australia the Dolphin found primaliry on the long of edge of Queensland and at souht of the Brisbane river.

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