The Australian golf :

The Origine of golf :

The golf like we the know today is come into begin in Ecosse in 1754. Is grace at Royal & old Golf Club of Saint Andrexs (the a more old Golf  club at word). It known what this sport at origine diverse whose the play of mail. By the line he was import at Pays-Bas, where you the do under the name of "colf" ( XIIIème siècle.)

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The celebrity Golf  

Australienne :

The Australia at of nombrous celebrity in the world of golf, in 2007 the Australia has 20 player of golf who leave of beep 100 at order global, this who the place behind the U.S.A and in front of the Royaum Unis.

Stuart Appleby :

He is was born the 1er Mai 1971 and has win 12 professionnal tournament.

Ian Baker-Finch :

He is was born the 24 Octobre 1960 in the Queensland and has win 16 professionnal tournament.

Jason Day :

He is was born the  12 Novembre 1987and has win 14 professionnal tournament .