31 December 1853:

We have been into hiding, me and my brother, in this cave for 8 days. We shared the food which they had to us stayed, and we had more nothing.

2 January 1854:Résultat de recherche d'images pour "aborigene australien"

I haven't dared exit,the fright of this earth unknown me have terrified. It had done 3 days when we had not eaten.

8 January 1854:
I have mourned the death of Côme, my big brother. Dead after 5 days of suffering,of an unknown illness.


15 January 1854:
 The last night I have run during several hours, chased by the Indigenous with spears.


18 January 1854:
This days has been my last, I haven't had food more water more nothing, I have eaten my own leg. My life has ended, so long. I have been dead on a beach.


2 February 1854:

A boat me has seen.   And I have finisched my  diary.


31 Décembre 1853:

We are hidden in this cave for 8 days, me and my brother, and we shared the some food that we hav